Vote for Obama !

This message is address to the people of America: The truck drivers of Alabama, the plumbers called Joe, the Sioux, the gas consumers and of course the veterans of the gulf war. Tomorrow, you’re going to chose a new president of the United States and this decision may change the history. You have to do the right choice! On a side, you’ve a old man from Arizona who has support George W. Bush for 8 years. On the other side, you’ve a young man who personify the future of a multicultural society.

Barak Obama is obviously the better choice for USA and for the world. He’s got the charism and the ideas to lead your country on the good road. But there’s another good reason to support him:

I’ve bet a bottle of red wine with my brother-in-law. Whoever in USA read this message and vote Obama will have a glass of this wine. (If you come in Bourges and if Obama win the elections).

Herbert (the president maker).


~ par L'éphémère du crépuscule sur lundi 3 novembre 2008.

2 Réponses to “Vote for Obama !”

  1. don’t you be afraid of American Way of Stupidity… I wish I could share this bottle of red wine 🙂

  2. Juste un petit commentaire pour te dire que j’apprécie beaucoup l’esprit dont tu fais preuve 🙂

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