Praising India : the disdain for the Olympics.

During the Olympic games and the months before, we spoke a lot of China, but we completely forgot the second giant of Asia : India.

Yesterday, I paid attention to the final results of the medal board. First I noticed the excellent performance of China that makes ridiculous their earlier statment: “We don’t aim for the first place in the medal board. We are not a great nation of sport like Russia or USA”. This is arrogance behind hypocrisy. Then I looked at the results of India with curiosity. I was surprised too… this time by the poor results:  3 medals. India did worst than Estonia and I think it does India great credit.

The race to the medal board is the final expression of the nationalist competition in the Olympic Games. Great countries want to display their power and promote their reputation. With 3 medals, the Indian’s institutions show some kind of indifference that makes this country friendly to me. They could invest money in professional sport and form children with soviet methods to obtain results. But they simply don’t care about this. In practice, this is a kind of wisdom. The Taoist philosophy explains that with the concept of wúwéi “the principle of non-doing.” (无为 in simplified Chinese, 無為 in traditional Chinese). The wise man doesn’t try to change the world and people. He doesn’t care about his reputation. He doesn’t want to be repected by everyone. He just follows the Tao like the water flows in the river. Isn’t it ironic that China is at the opposite of that ?

“Unhappy the land that needs heroes” wrote Bertolt Brecht ; and sport makes heroes. Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona are the catalyst of national pride. (I think we could question those models…) Governments encourage that because nationalism is useful. “The plebe wants bread and games.” A wise country should only show indifference to sport. I mean professional sport.

Some people in India regret the poor results of the national team. The Hindu newspaper criticizes the government who don’t have a coherent sport’s policy. (Article). They should consider the outcomes of this policy. Do they want to federate the population with such a kind of nationalism ? To flutter flags on TV ? The American people have got two cements : nationalism and religion. Do they want to follow this model ? I know that India has got problems with nationalism and Hindu fundamentalism. Sport’s victories, like military’s victories encourage the national ego. Culture, history and consciousness to have a common destiny is a better cement. I hope that India will have more « ridiculous » results during the next Olympic Games and I hope that France will do so.

N.B. : About the reject of Occident. I can’t blame India for that after two centuries of English occupation. I’ll go further : I think Indians don’t eat cows because they saw the English cook them with mint sauce !!! 😕


~ par L'éphémère du crépuscule sur lundi 25 août 2008.

4 Réponses to “Praising India : the disdain for the Olympics.”

  1. Check you mail box 😉

  2. Thanks a lot for the corrections.

  3. Spoke a lot of China…

  4. Non, c’est toi le capitaine Spoke !


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